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There were six bomb threats in just over 12 hours

21 de noviembre de 2018 14:03
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There were six bomb threats in just over 12 hours

In a period of 12 hours, six bomb threats forced evacuations and cancellations of essential services, and set off alarms for the security of the summit of the G-20 , the meeting of the Heads of State of the main nations of the world that will take place in Costa Salguero between Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1. The facts are in full investigation and, although nobody claimed the intimidation, qualified sources of the Government assume that the incidents are related to the ecumenical event that will take place in Buenos Aires at the end of next week.

The first four events turned out to be false alarms: at the United States embassy, located in Palermo; in the San Martín railway workshops, in José C. Paz; in the Álvarez hospital, in the Flores district, and in the headquarters of Banco Galicia, in the city of Buenos Aires.

The fifth case is in the process of being investigated: a suspicious package was found in a bathroom in the Library of Congress, located in Hipólito Yrigoyen 1750, and the building had to be evacuated this afternoon. Staff of the Federal Police reviewed the place.

The sixth was a threat in the annex of the Senate of the Nation. The building was evicted. All began in the early hours of the morning when Federal Police officers carrying out preventive tasks in the railway service discovered, under the locomotive of formation No. 13 of the San Martín line, in the maneuvering sheds of the José C. Paz station, a bag containing six grenades of type FM1 and a smoke grenade.

The finding forced the suspension of the train service of the line that covers the route between Dr. Cabred station (in Open Door, Luján district) and Retiro. The experts established that the grenades, an old military model, were obsolete and had lost their explosive capacity because they no longer had a "train of fire". At 7.30 am the routes of the formations between both headers were restored As for the episode at the US embassy, ??it was reported that during a routine security review of the US legation found a suspicious package. An operation was quickly mounted in the building located on Colombia Avenue at 4300 and its surroundings, which included the evacuation of consular personnel and forced people away who were already lined up on the sidewalk to carry out their paperwork.

Staff of the Explosives Division of the Federal Police reviewed the facilities and determined that it had been a false alarm. As it transpired, they would have found a bag with a luminaire. After nine in the morning the embassy resumed its usual operations. At 9.30 a call reported the existence of an explosive device in Teodoro Álvarez hospital.

Except inpatients and those who expected care for serious ailments, the rest of the people and employees of the health center located in Aranguren to 2700 were evacuated. Explosives experts from the City Police thoroughly reviewed the place, with negative results. Mid-morning, meanwhile, a 911 call reported a bomb threat at the headquarters of Banco Galicia, in Perón at 400. Following the protocols of the company, some 2000 people self-evacuated. The Anti-Bomb Squad of the City Police, which arrived after the call was received due to the bomb threat, is currently reviewing the facilities of the financial institution. Finally, they found that it had been a new false alarm.


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